PICS: Dee Why point Tues 28 July 2015

Dee Why point

Tuesday morning saw solid two metre plus south swell and a low tide at Dee Why point for around 30 keen participants. Size ranged from shoulder-ish to solidly overhead. I managed to get over 200 pics of the action which you can check out by going here.

Latest lens session: South Curly mid afternoon Weds 25 June 2014

It was almost flat at Dee Why on Weds the 25th of June, but while the straight south swell was going by there, it was shoulder high plus around the corner at south Curl Curl. I rocked up around 1430 and shot for about an hour just because the lighting conditions were so nice. Click […]

PICS by Don: Saturday morning at south Curly

Saturday morning saw the last little remnants of the previous day’s wind swell winding down. I happened to go by Curly around 0930 and stopped to do a bit of shooting. Waves were cute and the folks out there seemed to be having fun. Maybe you were one of them?

PICS by Don: South Curl Curl Sat 9 June 2012

After shooting and getting in for a quick wave at Dee Why, I went over the hill to see how Saturday afternoon was playing out for the folk who decided on Curly for their surf session. Ended up sticking around for an hour or so getting pics… here are a few samples, along with links […]

PICS by Don: Dee Why, Friday 8 June 2012

Friday early afternoon at Dee Why and the swell was still pushing along, so I got the camera out and started shooting… Check out all 160 pics in the gallery here. Check out all 160 pics in the gallery here. Check out all 160 pics in the gallery here.

PICS: Sat. morning at Sth Curly

A small SSE swell of around 1.5-2 metres coincided nicely with an incoming tide at South Curly on Saturday morning and I was there with the camera. I shot for about an hour between 0900 and 1000 from a spot about 100 m north of the South Curl Curl SLSC. It was sunny, glassy and […]