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Little waves caught at Longy

Posted by: on July 5th, 2010

Had not intended to get wet this morning, but it ended up happening. It’s not my fault I tell you. I was just checking it out and there was this guy I know from, from, er, the industry (I think he was supposed to be at work too) and he said ‘aw c’mon, you gotta at least get wet for three waves…’ So, what could I do? The gear was in the car, what could half an hour do to the day…

It was very cold changing in the carpark at Longy, I can tell you that. Grey, drizzly skies weren’t improving the situation either. But the water I’m happy to report is still absurdly mild for this time of year. Felt like it was 10 degrees warmer than the air.

Sets were chest high and reasonably frequent for the small crew scattered along the peaks toward No Man’s. Got my micro quota and then headed back to the world of urgent calls and overdue stories…

BTW, a small boast on behalf of Surfrider Northern Beaches. Some time ago, our convenor Brendon Donohoe happened to notice a big new development getting underway just north of the Sands hotel. Beach nourishment is one of the key strategies Surfrider has been proposing as an alternative to beach destroying seawalls at South Narrabeen, so Brendon rang the developers to see if they would be willing to let Council have the sand for the beach. It was a fortuitous call and the catalyst for an agreement that now sees 30,000 tonnes of sand moving from the prehistoric dune down to the shoreline at Mactier and Wetherill Street. (And this morning I was a last minute ring in to represent Surfrider in a picture for a story in the Manly Daily.)

Bikes for Beaches. . . UPDATE

Posted by: on February 4th, 2009



4 Feb 2009: Left Batemans Bay yesterday. On their way to Mallacoota.


Latest pics:


Dave and Foulsh in Milton

Dave and Foulsh in Milton

Dave and Foulsh heading towards Batemans Bay

Dave and Foulsh heading towards Batemans Bay


Follow the journey, stay updated and make donations:

Any donations count, no matter how small, as Peter Cruddas (Dave’s boss) through thePeter Cruddas Foundation, has generously offered to match dollar for dollar any funds raised up to the value of $5000 AUD. So we’ve set ourselves a minimum target!!

For the full story about this adventure: Bikes for Beaches . . .FULL PRESS