Swell really piled in late Wednesday (vids)

video of Collaroy and Dee Why point

Two videos for you from late Wednesday afternoon. The first is from Collaroy and the second from Dee Why point. By 5 pm the swell was starting to get seriously big… and…

Few options

Hello Friends, At 0600 the MHL buoy was showing 4.7 metres of SSE swell with an average period of nearly 11 seconds. Wind was southerly at 20-30 kts. Dee Why was unsurfably messy and it’ll stay that way all day. Around at Collaroy, the surface conditions were considerably smoother. As the pictures show there were […]

PICS by Don: The Kick and Collaroy Wed 18 May

After shooting the big stuff at Dee Why and Long Reef, I went around the corner to see if anything was getting into Collaroy. Sure enough, there were waves. They weren’t very big, but every now and then something kind of interesting came through the Kick. So I shot folks having fun until I filled […]

Mid-arvo pictures

Hello Friends, I’ve been out and about with my trusty Nikon D70s. In this post, I’ll share a few snaps I got at The Kick, Brownwater and Manly. I’ve also created separate posts for some shots I grabbed at the Bower and early on at south Narrabeen.

Sat am pics

Wandered down to the point for a closer look. One guy was in the water, but it looked like an awful lot of work for big, lumpy and weird waves. Biggest sets were into the double overhead range, but the point really wasn’t working terribly well. And the air was bitterly cold! Went up to […]

Late arvo update

Hello Friends, When I ran out of things I could do to get the site working again this arvo, I took the only reasonable action under the circumstances – I went for a wave! And when I get back, ‘lo, things seem to have stabilised again. I decided against joining the 50 or so bods […]