Warriewood STP discharge Warning

rain on the window pane

You really shouldn’t be contemplating getting in the water right now… particularly at Warriewood… Received at 1430 on Sat 20.6.16, from Sydney Water to RealSurf on behalf of Surfrider Foundation: Partially treated discharge at Warriewood WWTP at 1428 4/6/16. Flows receiving wet weather treatment.

Warriewood Overflow Warning

Received the following directly from Sydney Water “Partially treated discharge at warriewood at 5:25pm 5/1/16. Flows receiving wet weather treatment.” Warriewood provides secondary treatment so when there’s a partially treated discharge, it means that not all the effluent exiting the system a few hundred metres from Warriewood beach is treated to that standard.

Warriewood wastewater discharge event

0030 this morning: “Sydney Water and SurfRider Foundation have advised of a partially treated discharge at Warriewood Wastewater Treatment Plant due to heavy rainfall. Flows are receiving wet weather treatment. For more information please visit http://bit.ly/1a8r58u.” · During these events wastewater is partially treated. If there is ever an instance of untreated wastewater being released […]

Afternoon update, wind dropping a little but still messy most places

Out on an errand this afternoon and had a chance to check Warriewood-Mona and Collaroy-Narra around 3pm. You weren’t missing much. Wind has backed off a fair amount but it’s still SE and the ocean is still messy and lumpy and disorganised. Only folk I saw in the water were half a dozen messing about […]

Out and about

Had to run an errand early and came home via Warriewood, Northy and Longy-Dee Why. As of 1030 the little south swell was still looking pretty lully, but every now and then a set appears and the fun can begin. Don’t be in a rush and I’m sure you’ll jag something!

PICS: Warriewood, Sat morning.

South swell of a couple metres and SW winds combined to deliver the Warriewood crew some of the better waves around the northern beaches on Saturday morning. I stood on the beach for awhile and shot over a 100 snaps of the action. Warriewood Sat 7 Aug 2010 (am) – Images by Don Norris


      The short version is that there are sizable sets at Warriewood for the hardy band that have battled out through the relentless big windswell. Sets are into the overhead range and the wind’s not too bad right in the corner. However, as you come down the beach it becomes more of a […]

Noon update: pumpin’ still

Got a few snaps from my wander this morning. Shots from Narrabeen, Little Narra, Warriewood, DY luga, etc Also managed to shoot a bit of vid at the Luga where the Psillakis brothers had it pretty much to themselves… If you can possibly get away for a wave, do it!