"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Well, well, swell, swell, swell

Hello Friends

Weent out around midday with camera and board. First stop was Northy, but the crew up there were having a contest on the main peak, so I watched a few, grabbed a snap and went looking elsewhere. Bellyboarder-extraordinare Frank had tipped Curly for a possible picture taking opportunity, so I wandered that way. Sure enough, there were little waves, in fact there were a few into the head high range for the steadily increasing crowd. Quite a few peaks were on offer so it p[robably didn’t feel too frantic in the water.

I hung around and shot for a good hour. It seemed to lull at that point and I had other promises to keep, so I jetted and left the fun to the weekend warriors to enjoy.

I’ll have a fresh gallery of shots from the sesh up tomorrow.