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PICS by Don: Sunday, last of the swell at Manly and North Narrabeen

Sunday saw the swell swing a bit more to the SE as it began to fade. Still there were some magnificent waves to be had for the fortunate crew who were on them at Manly. I shot for an hour from near the North Steyne surfclub. Ended up with almost 400 shots of regular surfers getting some uncommonly good waves on a sunny morning.

Late in the afternoon, after going for a fun surf myself at Dee Why point, I went up to North Narrabeen for the sunset show. Not really expecting to find much, I was surprised to discover that there were still some very tasty and often quite makeable little barrels coming through. Some very deep pits to be had if you could hold your line.

As usual, by clicking on any of the pics below you’ll be taken to the complete gallery for that session. And, as usual, I was aiming to get extraordinary shots of ordinary surfers… enjoy and don’t forget, all pics are available for purchase at various sizes.

Manly (North Steyne mostly) 0830-0930 391 pics!

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North Narrabeen at dusk 165 pics

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