Thumping Dee Why pics

Posted by: on August 30th, 2014

A few snaps from the madness at Dee Why point this morning. The wind decided not to go onshore, but instead swung SW and the SE swell though down a bit from earlier, was still 3.6 metres at 11 seconds on the MHL buoy. Tide was making it relatively fat and the rawness of the swell meant that everything was sorta lumpy. Regular sprinkles and dull skies didn’t add to the attractiveness. Nevertheless, half a dozen of the usual suspects were getting amongst it.

big wave dee why point

On the flats

big wave surfer with gopro in mouth

Don’t tell your orthodontist!

big wave at dee why point

Only went a bit further…

surfer big wave dee why point

Couldn’t quite squeek out of this one

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