"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Sunny Saturday but

Hello Friends,

Energy levels are around the same as this time yesterday, ie swell was out of the east at 7 seconds with an average height of a metre as of 0100. Wind was faint and offshore at daybreak but is set to pick up from the NW and to be into the 15-20 kt range later. Tide’s low at 0830 and then high again at 1510.
Outlook is for the wind to go harder tomorrow and for the ocean to be flat. Sunday through to Monday afternoon looks equally dire but, with any luck, the swell should ramp during Monday afternoon and potentially be pretty fun by close of play – with offshore wind and clear skies.
So, get out there with your super small wave implement and maybe jag a few for now, because it looks like a couple of rest days coming up before resumption of normal programming.

wave dy
No Mans empty at daybreak
dy wave
Keen waterpersons doing the best they can at 0700 dy
wave shutting down
Glassy shutdown at south Narra
Gardens peak
Gardens peak offers moment of energy
North Narrabeen crew
Hardy crew at Northy extracting what it can from conditions at 0700