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Waves, mostly small, but surfable for Saturday am

Hello Friends,

This morning saw a low tide at 0710. The MHL buoy was picking up a 9-sec, 2 metre SSE swell plus a little NNE energy. Wind was lightly offshore.
Swell should be getting into a fair number of places for now, but the outlook is for it to fade into the marginal range over the next 24 hours and the front half of the week isn’t looking too special.
Most interesting spots I saw were at Northy and No Man’s (see below).
Some hope though for another 2 metre-ish south-ish pulse midweek. The big question mark is the wind which right now the Bureau is predicting to be S-SW in the 20-25 kt range on Wednesday, going more S-SSE on Thursday.
Have yourself a stoking Saturday everyone!

sth narra
Untouched shorey at sth Narra

north narrabeen surfing
The crew getting a few at Northy as of 0645
dy point
Small but not uncatchable at 0650
dy beach
Busy old beachy at No Man’s
Woah! Nice bomb set at No Man's
Woah! Nice bomb set at No Man’s
Optimists hunting for peaks at Butterbox
long reef
Longy looking pretty weak and junky