Postcards from Lennox

Posted by: on April 30th, 2017

Hello Friends,

A leisurely report from your correspondent today. This morning found clearing skies and offshores early with a small south wind swell producing knee to waist with the very occasional shoulder plus. The bigger sets seemed to dry up when the south wind started getting into it at around 1000. At least it wasn’t flat…
Sadly it looks pretty dire for the coming week up and down the east coast. If the models have it right (and they all agree more or less), then Mon and Tue should be flat everywhere. There might possibly be a little perk midweek, but then again, maybe not.
We’ll see what the ‘morrow brings…
Go well one and all!

In the corner, little bumps

The odd catchable little bump on offer at 1040 Sunday morning

Even a few chasing waist high bumps at the point

High tide frolics in the soft little south wind swell at Lennox

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