Manly, lunchtime and Chris was there with the 400mm

Posted by: on August 3rd, 2017

It was hump day today in Sydney. Lunchtime was upon me and I needed to escape from work for a hour and clear my head so I decided to jump in the car with my Nikon 400mm 2.8 and head for Manly and see if there was any decent waves. I arrived at North Steyne at about noon. The water was clean, the wind light, 17.5 degs outside and the guys were ripping the 4 foot waves.

I know we all love the 8-12 foot barrels and the huge swells in Indo this time of the year but in reality today was Nirvana for most of Australian surfers. Sunny, 3-4 foot waves, only a small lunchtime crowd and powerful enough to make some sharp turns. Im not sure if the guys out had taken a lunch break, taken a sickie or just taken off but they looked relaxed, happy and enjoying the day.

I managed to catch a few of their moves on my Nikon 400mm 2.8 with 2X magnifier. I hope you enjoy.

Photo by Chris Gaborit-Manly

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