Fat and full for the early, maybe later

Posted by: on March 28th, 2018

Hello Friends,

Went down to the beach to see if I could grab a few snaps of some friends playing in the shories near Kiddies.  There are little waves (at 0700 the MHL buoy was showing 1.6 metres from the ESE at 11 seconds) but the 1.76 m high tide at 0635 was killing it. Waves were fat and floppy out the back and only showed their power when they finally expired with a crash on the sand. Wind was light and offshore, but as the tide drops and the day goes along, it should settle around to a 10-15 kt NEr.

It’s set to be sunny all day as we go to a high of 28°. Water is a balmy 23° and Beachwatch says it’s clean again too.

So maybe mid-tide there’ll start to be something of interest at magnets.

The trend is for energy levels to hold at about the current intensity today and then to possibly nudge up a little on Thursday and Friday.

Have a great Wednesday and keep on smilin’!


South of Carparks at Northy

Brief moment of energy at Dee Why beach 0740

Dee Why point just barely producing rideable bumps at 0750

Too fat and full and floppy to attract many takers, but the odd moment at Northy

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