Grey morning, tiny waves at Dee Why

Posted by: on December 18th, 2018

Hello Friends,

As of 0400 the MHL buoy was seeing 1.3 metres of 7 sec NNE and SSE wind bump and three hours later when I took the pics, Dee Why was struggling to make knee high. There were a few keen types hanging out at Kiddies, but the tiny waves looked pretty weak and slow. Tide is currently dropping to a low at 1140.

Wind wasn’t doing much inshore and as of 0720 it was SSW 7-11 kts at North Head. The forecast says it’ll go SE and then around to the NE. It doesn’t look as though the swell will change much between now and the weekend. And beyond that into next week, the predictions are not exciting. Typical summer conditions I guess.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

No Mans no waves

Foam lines but very tiny at 0710

Hopefuls hanging about at Kiddies 0710

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