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Posted by: on February 23rd, 2019
​T​he Bureau’s forecast is for TC Oma to move offshore a little and track north again for a couple of days. But Cyclones can change directions, as this one has, and are notoriously difficult to track​.​
In any event, the main swell we are getting in Sydney now, and the waves coming over the next couple of days will be from weather systems down south, so we’ll get southerly swell.  The problem is that accompanying those waves are southerly winds…
So while there will be waves today and tomorrow they will be messy and bumpy at places exposed to the south.
But there may be some opportunities at places protected from southerly winds, like the Manly- Queenscliff stretch… But if that’s any good it’ll be crowded.. and could be dangerous at lower tides. ​Anyone can slip on their board and end up in hospital or worse.​
Low tide was around 6am
High is around midday
Low again around 6.30pm
And there’s nearly one and a half metre difference between high and low tides at the moment with the full moon.
Water temp is around 22
​There’s about 2.5-4 metres of dead South swell offshore, but​ on the beach it’s currently around 1-2 metres, 2ish metres​ of messy bumpy waves at open beaches​ ​. It’ll increas​e through the day from South East​ but the southerly wind will also increase.
​Only chances are sheltered corners and not much will be getting into those.​
The outlook:

Sunday: 2-3, 3-4 metres at places exposed to the South  (but with SE winds, so bumpy messy uninviting etc)

Note the BoM’s warning: Large and powerful surf conditions are expected to be hazardous for coastal activities such as rock fishing, swimming and surfing.

{That will be at places that are exposed to the South}

Surf Life Saving NSW recommends only swimming at patrolled beaches and between the red and yellow flags.

{That’s if they’re up!  If the flags aren’t up, the beach is closed for reasons of public safety.  In which case unless you’re very experienced it will be best to stay out of the water}

Monday: 3-4 metres East South East

Tuesday: 2-3 metres East South East

Wednesday: 2-3 metres East North East, with sets (wind expected to be lighter.. might start to be ok)

Thursday: 2-2+ metres East North East

ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE as the spinning tops move around

Take care. Stay safe.

​And s​peaking of Surf Life Saving…it’s always a good idea to know what to do if you or a mate need help in the surf, from a shark attack to resuscitating someone who has nearly drowned… and you can get the necessary info and training from a surf club.  But did you ever think that those skills can be used in situations away from the beach?

Recently a probationary surf club member successfully resuscitated a man who had a heart attack playing futsal at a local RSl..
Cain Byrnes of Avalon Beach SLSC had been training for only two weeks yet was able to save someone’s life.  The National SLSA surf club of the year will be running free training sessions for the public on CPR on 13 March 2019… details at
Also check at your local surf club. As Nick Carroll says: surf clubs need surfers, and surfers​ ​need surf clubs. Both have a lot to offer each other!

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