The Goat’s Surf Forecast

Posted by: on May 30th, 2019

The Goat’s Surf Forecast issued Thursday 30 May 2019: Seven day outlook for Sydney:

Winter has arrived ahead of the calendar.  If you thought it was cold this morning, it was.

The temp at 7am this morning was around 8 or 9, but the apparent temp from the windchill meant it really felt like 1.7.

But it’s an ill wind that brings no one some good, and by this arvo there was an uptick in the swell offshore to around 2-3 metres, at 6-just under 10 seconds.

But the swell direction was spot on the 180 degree line on the chart and except for places that can drag in some of that swell, most was going right on past up the coast. Around dark there were people in the water catching waves… people with no physical feelings I think…

More south swell coming but for most of the time it will be due south, but there’ll also be an uptick in period so more will be getting ashore.

Friday: coming up in the 1-2 metre range at dead South places

Saturday:around 2 maybe 2 and a bit metres South swell

Sunday: around 2, 2+ metres South swell

Monday: easing back in the 1-2 metre range dead South spots. then..

Tuesday: coming up again, bigger, maybe around 3-4 metres dead South

Wednesday: around 3 metres dead South

Thursday: easing back into the 1-2 metre range dead South

Stay warm!


Up in the Air

Have a go at this…

Those lines on the map coming up our way from the direction of Antarctica are what’s making the air feel cold.

MSLP Analysis for Thu May 30 00:00:00 2019 AUTC

And there’s clear sky everywhere…

I’d guess there’ll be a few four or five dog nights coming up out back ‘o beyond the black stump.

Cloud/surface composite, Australia satellite image of Australia at Thu May 30 06:30:00 2019

Winds??  Yep…,151.216,8

Down in the Sea

Water temp is still around 21-22 off Sydney, but is down to 16 at Eden. 

You might want to start dusting off the heavy duty rubber for later on if you’re that keen. 





Weather from the Bureau:

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