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Posted by: on June 25th, 2019

Hello Friends,

Looks like Sydney surf conditions are pretty bad today. Southerly wind and showers and junky swell as best I can make out.
So, thought I’d send along a few postcards from Santa Cruz Island off the coast of southern California where I’m currently helping my brother on a research project that involves drone imaging. We’re at the west end of the island, staying in some old ranch buildings from last century. The area we’re in is really only accessible to researchers, so there are no other people around and no signs of human activity beyond the remnants of the old ranch. The landscape looks a lot like it did a couple hundred years ago (but for an abundance of Fennel and other introduced plant species). (I’m using the research facility’s internet link to post this as there’s no phone service out here)
More fieldwork all day again tomorrow, so I may or may not be able to send a few more postcards…
Have a great day and hope you get waves again soon

My brother flying a drone as part of a Santa Cruz island research project

Hey South Australia, there’s another Christies Beach on Santa Cruz island

Santa Cruz Island Kit Fox was almost wiped out, but now the cat size creature is getting re-established after decades of conservation work.

Probably a metre of face on this tiny SW line at the beach near the research station at the old Christie’s ranch on Santa Cruz island.

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