A few more postcards from Santa Cruz island

Posted by: on June 26th, 2019

Hello Friends,
Looks like Sydney is really messy and not offering much in the way of quality on the wave front today. 10-15 kts of SSE wind can’t be helping matters…

Meanwhile your correspondent spent another day lurching and crawling along the narrow “4-wheel drive in low only” roads of Santa Cruz island as I helped my brother run a couple more drone survey flights – and took time to grab a few snaps to share. Weather here continues heavily overcast and foggy (not unusual this time of year), but we had enough ceiling for the flights.

Surf here at Christy’s (not Christies as earlier stated) ranch beach remained very small and glassy. Nice long south lines though…

Christy’s west end of Santa Cruz island’s south facing coast

Near the east end of Christy’s

Same ridge as other pic, but looking north west

Up on a ridge looking to the east

North facing slopes get most of the moisture from the prevailing wind and in the steeper canyons can be very thick. This is one of the biggest oaks I’ve seen

Cub 2

Cub 1

Pair of Island fox cubs greeted us at one point.

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