So very small either side of the pond

Posted by: on June 28th, 2019

Hello Friends,
My S.O. sent me a phone snap from south Steyne this morning on her way to work. It looks very tiny, but she said there were a few people at the Queensie end. Dee Why was flat and according to the Bus Man, up the peninsula was no better.

microness at South Steyne under clearing skies.

Looking at the MHL data for Sydney as of 0700 there was a metre of 7-sec SE bump wafting into the beaches. Tide was running out to the low at around 1100. Wind was coming faintly from NNW as you head to a high of 20C. Ocean’s on 19C according to the fine folk of Beachwatch.

Outlook isn’t too exciting for tomorrow, but by gee next week sure looks good for Sydney on the models. Sadly we’re in full summer mode here in southern California. Santa Barbara is zippo and even up north at Santa Cruz and down south, the waves are really, really tiny most places. There seems to be some slight hope for late next week though…

Have yourself a great day!

Flat at Leadbetter point in Santa Barbara around lunch time tody

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