Grey skies, smoke haze, hot later tiny waves

Posted by: on December 29th, 2019

Hello Friends,

Up early for a Sunday, so grabbed the pics at 0600 or so. Temperature was a pleasant 22C, but it’ll go up 9 degrees today. Skies were gloomy and the sun was a menacing red through the smoke haze from the fires. Surfwise, well the pictures tell the story – it’s bumpy and tiny basically. Tide was low at 0440 and is coming in to a 1.78m high at 1110. Wind was out of the north at 4-7 kts, but as the day heats up, it’ll accelerate into the 15-25 kt range from the N to NE. As it does, the Bureau tells us that we can expect the NE wind swell to build a little. Typical summer in that respect anyway.  The MHL buoy was showing 2m at 8 seconds from the north around to east. Water’s on 21C.

The hot weather will last through Tuesday and so will the NE wind. New Year’s Day could see cloudy skies and temps in the low 20’s as the wind regime flips to southerly for the remainder of the work week.

The ECM forecast model shows sub 8-second periods and swell heights in the 1.5 m range all week, but the Wavewatch 3 modelling predicts closer to 2 metres at 9 seconds Tues-Weds, then a bit smaller but into the 11-12 second range for the back half of the week. For what it’s worth, Wavewatch’s prediction for right now is closer to the MHL data than ECM’s (shorter period and smaller) numbers.

Go well with your Sunday everyone!

Up the beach toward No Mans, nothing doing 0600

The point and Kiddies hints of activity but no takers

Grey start to Sunday

Grim looking sun at 0600

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