Saturday Surf Report

Posted by: on February 22nd, 2020
Small windblown onshore waves around 1 metre or so, with weed and who knows what still hanging around in the water at some beaches after the stormy weather earlier in the week.
Been raining steadily most of the night…Grey skies. Visibility is not great at times…very misty, but clearing.
On Friday I heard some people – mostly younger ones – say they had a fun time in similar surf … keen for exercise I guess.
Beachwatch Friday was reporting that pollution was unlikely,
at most Sydney beaches except near some of the lagoon entrances etc
But given the major flush out that rivers like the Hawkesbury,  coastal lagoons, and drains have had, and with lots of weed still in the water and possible debris, I would suggest the eyeball test is best for those with health concerns – ie have a look at it.
There are piles of driftwood (for collectors) and full size logs (for landscape gardeners) on some beaches, and there might still be some floating around in the water.  At least the color of the water isn’t the chocolate brown it was earlier in the week, mainly from river runout.
I heard yesterday of a fridge washed up on the beach at North Palm beach, and our local online community newspaper Pittwateronlinenews reported
” A dead Goat on Long Reef Beach, two cows on Patonga Beach with bite marks and a dead Bull Shark on Station Beach suggests that everything up the river has flushed out to Pittwater and Broken Bay.”
For the super keen…
The swell offshore is around 2 metres from dead South so not a lot of that is getting on to beaches, with choppy bumpy surf somewhere in the 1-2 metre range at the moment.  And the wind today is forecast to turn Easterly onshore, and the wave size will go down through the day.
Water temp is around 23.
Wave quality is ordinary.
Conditions are ordinary.
Water quality is sus.
Outlook is for small surf and onshore winds to continue through the week ahead… see TG’s forecast below..

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