"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Carpinteria salt marsh

Hello Friends,
No waves here today, and not looking exceptional in Sydney either. although at least looks like you might be able to get a knee high bump at the better exposures.

My brother needed to do some work on a climate data gathering site at Carpinteria this morning, so I grabbed my camera and tagged along. The Natural Reserve in question is one of the few coastal wetlands in southern California, so I hoped to get a few bird pictures.

Interestingly though, the first thing I photographed was a sizable gathering of sharks in the main channel from the sea. There were easily 50 of the 1-1.5 metre critters hugging the shallow bottom as they looked for their main prey, shellfish.

Tidal estuary crowded with little sharks in Carpinteria

Birdwise, it was relatively quiet, but I managed to find a few subjects…

Osprey, Carpinteria, CA

On the hunt…