Saturday Surf Report

Posted by: on March 7th, 2020

Hi all


We have two swells producing surf of variable quality on virtually all beaches at the moment… left over ENE and strengthening Southerly, the primary swell. The MHL buoy is showing around 2.6 – 4.6 metres offshore from SSE. Size on the beach is varying but is mostly in the 1-2 metre range, bigger at northern ends.


Wind strength is varying at the moment from Cronulla to Palm Beach, with stronger winds on the south side, but the wind will strengthen through the day everywhere… so protected corners are going to be sought after and will be well populated


Sky was mostly cloudy with a few blue patches half an hour ago but is mostly blue up north now.  Air is nice and fresh…. Oops a few clouds are starting to reappear.


Water temp is around 22. High tide was at 7:07…Low will be at 1:50.


Beachwatch is saying pollution is possible or likely at most places but judging by the numbers in the water already at places, the younger fitter ones with good immune systems seem prepared to risk it. Quality has been worse, relatively speaking.


See The Goat’s Surf Forecast for the outlook>>>

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