"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Sunny start and waves for Wednesday

Hello Friends,

Sure, quality’s not exactly off the scale, but there were reasonably clean conditions at 0900 this morning. Swell looked close together and lumpy, which makes sense given that out at sea it was only 7 seconds apart. It was coming from the south (168°) and the reason it was even showing is because average height at sea was 2.4 metres.

As you can see from the pictures, the set wave faces were into the chest to shoulder plus range. Wind was out of the SW at 6 kts or so when I grabbed the snaps, but it’s set to swing south before long – and there’s a 50% chance of the odd shower in the middle part of the day. So conditions are, shall we say, somewhat fragile.  Tide was low at 0840 and it will be back to a 1.6 m high at 1525. Today’s high is predicted to reach 18C, which is also the current ocean temp. Beachwatch warns water could be dodgy at lagoon entrances, but otherwise it should be clean.

While this morning is probably about as good as it’ll get today, prospects for tomorrow aren’t too bad. The swell period should stretch out into the 9 second range, swell should stay about the same height at sea but get a more SE tinge.

Go well, stay safe and mask up when others are near.