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Postcards from Crescent

Hello Friends,

My mate Paul sent me a text a few days ago, drawing my attention to the possibility of waves at Crescent later in the week. Was it good time to go? In some ways not, but it was possible, so I filled the Tesla with electrons, slung the boards on the racks and took off bright and early Wednesday morning. Heading north to Crescent with hopes of waves is very familiar to Sydney surfers. It never gets old.

As you can see below, our timing was rather good. When we rocked up mid-afternoon, folks who’d been there for awhile told us it had just started to pick up. You always like to hear that. So after stashing the stuff at our rather salubrious digs, we wandered down to the point, mals under our arms.

Fun was had.


Decided to get an early start on the day, which was wise as the swell had ramped overnight. Set wave faces on the biggest sets were pushing into the 3 metre plus range. Paul was calling 4 foot backs. It was quite a challenge getting waves as the big ones were going pretty wide of the optimal take off points for the fun mid-size ones. It was a morning for lots of duckdiving practice, particularly if you were inside.

I didn’t take pictures until late in the afternoon when the wind was around to the north and texturing the surface up. But the morning session had been glassy and even into early afternoon, the breeze wasn’t too much of an issue.

It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings…


Late afternoon bomb by Paul M
Mr. RealSurf pic by Paul M.