Bigger at open beaches.

Considerable amount of swell coming into the bombes this morning and the open south facing beaches were between 2 – 4 foot.  Get out there before the onshore sou easter.

2 foot fun.

There are some fun 2 footers on this morning in the 30C+ heat.  Cool off and go surfing.  If you can’t check out

4 days of smalls.

The swell is on hold for the next few days and it looks like Tuesday before it return.  Still a beautiful morning  on the beaches.  see more @ SPoY.

Work is a good option.

Not much going on in the surf front.  Maybe wait for the tide to drop.

Wait for it.

Its fairly ordinary on the surf front this morning.  2 foot fat full and weak NE windswell.  So either wait for the lower tide with stronger NE winds or the storm with its southerly.  I managed to grab a few pics this morning so check them out at SPoY.


There is a real fun 3 – 4 foot south swell hitting the Northern Beaches this morning.  The wind was offshore early but is now from the NE.  Hope you got a few.  Check for some nice shots.

Monday lump

The swell is still with us and will peak this afternoon and start to drop into the week.  Expect on shores during the week from the NE.  Enjoy SPoY

2 foot.

It was a beautiful morning,  some fun 2 footers and light winds.  Check out SPoY.