RealSurf Forum sponsorship:

In a typical month the RealSurf forums attract 140,000+ page views from around 30,000
loyal visitors. Obviously it’s the logical place to put your name in front of serious surfers!

Here’s the pitch…

Your sponsorship ad will run on every forum page 24/7 for 28 days.
We guarantee to deliver you a minimum of 100,000 page views (which is easy because we
get 140,000 or so a month).

The first offer over $100 gets the spot!

Please use the form below to register your bid.


The fine print

  • No ads accepted for adult sites, illegal stuff, guns, tobacco, get rich quick schemes or anything we think looks dodgy
  • Ad artwork:
    jpeg, gif or swf files are okay. Animations must be limited to 3 loops. Ad must be exactly 300 pixels
    wide by 100 pixels tall
    and cannot exceed 50kb in size. We accept up to 3 different ad graphics (in fact we
    encourage it because you’ll get a better result if your ad changes from time to time).
  • Please supply the URL your ad(s) should link to
  • Your ad starts as soon as you pay us and send us your artwork
  • Please supply us with your business name, address, email, ABN and phone number if you require an invoice
  • Your ad will run for 28 days and receive a minimum of 100,000 page views on the RealSurf forums

(here is a sample 300×100 pixel ad)





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