Caught a few at the Bower

Swell has picked up a little since this morning and is currently sitting on a couple metres at 10 seconds from the south (134 degrees to be precise). PB and I caught a few burgery but fun shoulder to head plus sets at Fairy Bower around midday. It was kinda sloppy and very bumpy in […]

Cold but pumping

    Hello Friends, If you can get out there this morning, do so. Swell has settled back into the two metre range from the SE with a period of around 10 seconds. That happens to be a great combo for many Sydney beaches, so it should be a very fun Friday. And the good […]

Pics by Don: Dee Why beach, Sun 29 May 2011 am

Despite the grey skies there were fun waves to be had at Dee Why on Sunday morning. Heaps of folk were in the water and there were a fair number of shutdowns, but during my shooting session (from around 10-11) I managed to capture a reasonable number of regular folks at their peak moments. As […]

Running late, sorry

Hello Friends, Sorry, slept in. How remiss of me. Looks like we still have swell though. Woo-hoo! Huey’s still got the power setting on 10sec, but he’s set a new heading: SE. Heights at sea are around the two metre mark, so there are some fun size waves to be had again today. Stopped at […]

vid from the beach

Made this vidcast from Gardens late this morning… and here are a couple pics from then…

Manly to Curly

Hello Friends, Running a little late this morning. Sorry. Started my day by arriving at Manly around 0715. Quite a few folk in the water it has to be said, but then they weren’t there without reason because the SE swell is about 2 metres at sea with a period of close to 10 sec. […]

Howzit looking for tomorrow?

Hello to all the teatime crew, You’re an elite (ie small) group kids. Most of the traffic at the site has now simmered down, but your webmaster hasn’t backed off ’cause we got waves and it just wouldn’t be right! Latest data from the MHL Sydney buoy is showing a couple metres of SE swell […]

South Narra and Longy

Just been out and about running a few errands and, as usual, I had the camera along. What a fine morning it was too. The swell is definitely fading away, but there were still plenty of waves to be found about the place. I spotted a small group near Albert Street, Narrabeen just after 0830 […]

Swell hangin’ in there

Hello Friends, At 0645 there were still a few set waves getting into the Dee Why stretch. The swell has dropped very slightly overnight and is currently averaging about 2 metres out at sea. It’s coming from a favourable SE direction and still averaging around 10 seconds apart. That should mean you’ll have a reasonable […]