Waves for Sunday morning

dy surfing

Hello Friends, Sunny skies and better than that, a couple metres of 10-sec SSE swell lighting up Dee Why with chest to shoulder high sets at the point and along the beach. Tide’s heading into the high at 1245. Wind was out of the west at 10-15kts and it’s expected to move more SW later, […]

Murky conditions but swell continues

dy point surfers

Hello Friends, According to the latest data from the MHL buoy at 0400, the swell was close to 2 metres from the SSE at 9 seconds apart. The decrease in average period over the last 24 hours means that waves are distinctly smaller than this time yesterday. As of 0715, wind was coming from the […]

Swell dropping but still some fun ones around this morning

Hello Friends, Definitely smaller and more southerly this morning, but there are waves to be had if you look around. The change in swell direction and slight decrease in energy levels has taken the energy focus away from the point (which was going off yesterday) and up the beach. Set wave faces at the former […]

Waves, mostly small, but surfable for Saturday am

Hello Friends, This morning saw a low tide at 0710. The MHL buoy was picking up a 9-sec, 2 metre SSE swell plus a little NNE energy. Wind was lightly offshore. Swell should be getting into a fair number of places for now, but the outlook is for it to fade into the marginal range […]

More waves this morning

Hello Friends, Energy levels have dropped a little overnight, but there are still waist to chest high sets along the beach at Dee Why as of 0700. The point’s pretty small, but if you have a mal or a SUP, there are the occasional sliders coming around the rocks. Swell continues to run at about […]

So so-so

Hello Friends, This morning sees the swell out of the SSE at a touch under 2 metres at sea with an average period in the neighborhood of 9 seconds. Wind was lightly S to SSW when your correspondent climbed aloft to the crows nest for a look around 0730. Ocean looked pretty bumpy out at […]

Aw, Huey, whatcha doin’?

Hello Friends, Although the MHL Sydney buoy was showing nearly 2 metres of SSE wind swell at close to 9 seconds apart, the 0735 high tide appeared to have swallowed up any surfing options for Dee Why. There were only a few hopefuls bobbing around up toward No Man’s when I checked for the first […]

Smaller, but clean early

Hello Friends, This morning saw a mix of south to south east swell and wind swell. The dominant source was coming from the SE. It was around the two metre mark and 9 seconds apart as of 0600. Wind was lightly west to NW under drizzling skies and the ocean looked smooth but pretty lumpy. […]

Waiting for the wind

Hello Friends, Smooth chest plus sets at Dee Why beach for the early, but the wind is set to ramp up to 25-30 kts NE this afternoon. By tomorrow morning, the Bureau says it’ll be gale warnings snapping in the rigging. The plan is to get in asap if you want clean conditions. Later on […]

Sunday surfin’

Hello Friends, Nice morning with light offshores and a couple metres of south swell with a 9 second period. Should be fun at all the south magnets. And crowded at the better ones. Dee Why currently has a little complex of peaks just north of the club, so most of the population is hanging around […]