LNT: The Goat’s special mixture

Posted by: on November 10th, 2008

We asked the Goat (aka Roger) to come up with a list of a few tunes he likes and whadya know, they’re as eclectic and wide-ranging as his good self.

The first tune he sent me was Liza Minelli’s showstopper Life is a cabaret, from the famous Bob Fosse movie. Check it out and remind yourself how much Liza channelled her mum’s sublime voice.

And now for something completely different… La vie en rose …by Louis Armstrong. Yeah Satchmo! Great little flourish at the end too.

I reckon Carlos Santana is perfect for watching surfin’ movies. The Goat picked a couple from the fret supremo’s vast repertoire. First up is the effortless and sweetly uplifting Samba pa ti from Live in Mexico

Okay, if you had to pick the Santana number it’d be either Black Magic Woman, or this, the mighty Oye Como Va.

Now for a couple classics from the Blues Brothers… first up, is Jailhouse Rock, which seems to have been pirated from a Japanese video…

And the Goat wraps up his first late night tunes with the supremely goofy Rawhide


Have a tune or two you reckon we should check out for a future Late Night? Sling it our way via the form below…

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