Wozzawood & Turimetta

Posted by: on February 28th, 2009

From where I was checking out Cooks Terrace (see earlier post) I couldn’t really see what was happening at Warriewood. So I made the steep drop down to the carpark and checked it out. Surprisingly there didn’t seem to be much size in the southern corner. Nor did the peaks seem to be doing much of anything interesting up the beach toward Cooks. Not many people in the water though, so anything decent that might have come through would’ve had minimal competition.

Around at Turrimetta there were folks in the water at the south end, but not the usually more reliable north end. It’s all in the swell direction I guess. Some fun size sets on offer, but the tide seemed to be playing a role, and as with the other spots I looked at, shutdowns were the order of the day with only the occasional makeable section standing up.

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