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Posted by: on June 3rd, 2011

Hello Friends,

Just a quick wrap for ya on Friday.

I started the morning with a hike up to North Narrabeen to see how the swell was going. It had looked too messy and unphotogenic at Dee Why and I was confident the east swell would be lining up nicely at the old Northy. And it was. So I shot there for longer than I probably should of, but they were such good waves… good to see both Terry Fitz and Mr. Thruster himself, the peerless Simon Anderson in the water. Got a few frames of both too. Here are some samples…



After tearing myself away from Northy, I made my way to another east swell magnet, the mighty Mona Vale. Turned out not to be quite in Northy’s league, but there were a lot fewer folks in the water and some of the sets were looking kinda tasty so I set up the camera and shot for an half an hour or so. The swell was less consistent and the bombs weren’t quite as big. Later, when I got a chance to look at the MHL data, it was apparent that the average size of the swell at sea had dropped close to a 0.5 metre from the 3m peak earlier. Here’s a sample for ya…

After Mona Vale, I looped through Dee Why to grab some sushi and to have a quick squizz. Still didn’t look that clean and no one was in the water at the point, so I decided to see what was what down Manly way. Figured there might be something at the Bower and there was. However the wind was chopping it up a bit and while I watched there didn’t seem to be the energy level of up north. So I shot for awhile and then decided I might as well get wet myself. Rather than drive around any more, I just grabbed the 7S and paddled across to the Bower. It seemed to improve a bit and we were definitely getting the odd set with a wave face into the 8-10 foot range. Jagged a few more for my lifetime total and enjoyed myself despite the large-ish crowd. Anyhoo, here’s a sample from the Bower shooting sesh…


I have hundreds of pictures to sort through from today, so I’d better get on with it because I’m planning to do the same tomorrow. Hope to see you as I’m out and about. Don’t be shy – say hi!

Oh yeah, and tomorrow morning after you’ve had a surf, I can get you an extra coffee for nix at the Green Groper at 2 Ocean Street Narrabeen (immediately north of the servo). Just tell ’em Don from RealSurf sent ya and they’ll give you two coffees for the price of one.

Catchya tomorrow!

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  1. Joe on June 4th 2011, 6:12 am

    Simon Anderson is natural so unless he was riding switch on that wave think you shot some other fella.

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