Tiny days but check out the postcards from Cali

Posted by: on January 23rd, 2013

Hello Friends,

Been away from the computer for a couple days while surfin’. Sorry!

This morning sees steady 10-20kts of SSW wind in Sydney with only a dribble of 6 sec period SSW wind swell. Looking at those numbers, I’d be surprised if there was much of anything to be had anywhere in Sydney. I guess you might get a few scraps at south swell spots. Figure maybe knee to waist.

I’m not seeing anything of interest in the forecast data until maybe the weekend when Sydney may cop a reasonable east pulse. Unfortunately it looks as though there’ll be a lot of south wind with it. Not too many places take that combo well… maybe the Kick to the lower end of Sth Narra, the Bower and sth Palmy?

Meanwhile here in southern California we have had some ultra clean, ultra long period WNW swell in the waist to chest plus range (it was 4x the size up in central California at Mavericks). After weeks of flatness, soCal surfers are stoked to have something to play on for pretty much the rest of the week. I surfed California street in Ventura a couple days ago, and then a little spot near Goleta yesterday arvo. Water is unusually cold for here. About 12 degrees I’d say. Anyway C-street was a zoo on the order of superbank, but even an old fart like yours truly could jag the 200m odd shoulder high set. Yesterday evening where I surfed was a lot smaller and less consistent, but there were only 4 of us out – and it was a national holiday here too with perfect weather.

Stack o’ postcards for ya from Calif. Swell was WNW at only a metre or so but at about 20 sec apart
(above: corduroy to the horizon at California Street, Ventura)

c-street wall
(above: nice C-street wall)

Rincon flyby
(above: Rincon showing a little class as we flew by on the freeway)

cold tolerant!
(above: C-street, check out the guy top left!!! I was cold in steamer and booties in the 12C water. Dunno how he did it)

bodyboarder in 12c water
(above: body surfer catching shories inside at C-street)

c-street lefts too
(above: although it’s a right point, there’s also a fun left peak about half way down from the point at C-street)

c-street whack

(Next afternoon, surfed here with three others…)

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