Yay! A little more activity this morning

Posted by: on October 15th, 2015

Hello Friends,

The NE wind will be along soon – it’ll be 15-20 kts later – but at 0700 conditions were still smooth and, better than that, there were catchable waves both in the corner and at the point. Set wave faces were into the chest plus range, although mostly it was closer to waist. A couple of hours earlier, the MHL buoy was showing 1.5 metres from the SSE at a healthy 12 seconds And that’s not something any of the models predicted.

Tide’s high at 1020 (around the time the NE’r should be obvious I’d guess). Weather should be increasingly sunny with a high of 25.

Hard to say if this morning’s unexpectedly interesting conditions will repeat on us tomorrow. The overall forecast looks pretty much the same, but the models are still predicting only small, to tiny short period NE wind swell.

So, pounce on it if you can, I’d say because this could be a very temporary blip.

And whatever your schedule looks like today, may it all go brilliantly!

dy surfing

Bomb set delivers a fun little wave for lucky surfer at 0720

dy surfing

Riders at the point and the beach

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