Windy, messy, small and showery

Posted by: on February 6th, 2016

Hello Friends,

High tide at 0735 made for fat conditions early, but worse was the powering SSE wind chopping it up everywhere. Out at sea the swell was 2.5 metres from the SE abut the average period was a gutless 8 seconds.

As usual for a Saturday, I had a look at both the Collaroy-Narrabeen and the Dee Why-Longy stretches and the short version is that the only people in the water were at Collaroy – where it was knee to waist – and Dee Why point where it wasn’t much bigger. Both were fat and inconsistent too.

Outlook is for the conditions to stay about the same today and tomorrow, although Sunday should see the wind back off a little more in the morning. By Monday some of the models are showing more easterly swell and slightly smaller as we head into a week of what looks to be fairly typical marginal summer conditions. Not quite flat, but pretty small and undistinguished shortish period mainly east wind swell basically.

Have yourself a great Saturday one and all!


Dramatic daybreak skies

north narrabeen

Northy looking unworthy

Whiterock maybe... but no takers at 0630

Whiterock maybe… but no takers at 0630

Collaroy surfers

Fat and full at Collaroy

south narrabeen

South Narrabeen some size, but no quality

dy point surfer

Dee Why point bodyboarder gets a slide in the slop

dee why beach surfer

Optimist paddles out at No Man’s

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