Swell but junky (vid)

Posted by: on February 27th, 2016

Hello Friends,

Well we have some energy thanks to a SE and NE combo. Swell is around the 2 metre mark and periods are 10-14 sec. That’d be brilliant, but unfortunately the SE wind didn’t let up overnight and this morning sees steady onshores most places (Manly ought to be okay though). Dee Why as the video shows was busy but not terribly inspiring. Sure there were head plus sets, but they were few and far between and very messy.
Around at the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch there were some thumping shutdowns from the Marquesas to Gardens, but again the sideshore conditions were unappetising and no one was in the water when I checked at 0630.
The wind’s set to persist at about the current velocity for the rest of the day. Tide’s back to high at noon.
Outlook for tomorrow is a case of well maybe. The swell is expected to begin fading back overnight but with any luck the wind won’t be too bad early. Unfortunately for Dee Why and most other spots it’ll still be SE, so I’m expecting only so-so quality.
Monday should see lighter winds again for the early and some remnant swell into the chest range at magnets.
Beyond that it looks as though we’re back into a summery NE pattern with small but not flat swell conditions and the best opportunities being early.
Have yourself a top old Saturday and keep on smilin’!


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Monstered by a set

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Busy and messy

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