"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris
lower trestles surfers

Should be good at magnets this morning

Hello Friends,

It’s still dark in Sydney as I write this, but the numbers look pretty reasonable. As of 0300 the MHL buoy was showing 3 metres of 12-sec SE swell and the Bureau’s North Head wind reading was WNW 7-9 kts. The Bureau says it should be southerly 10-15 kts today, so I’d be thinking this morning will be the best shot. Tide’s helping out by coming in from the low at 0550 to the high at midday.
Looks like not much in the way of precipitation for this morning, but yesterday’s pollution call showed lots of beaches with warnings from Bilgola to Manly.
Surf should be solid at magnets for the next couple of days too – and then more to come later in the week.
And your correspondent? Well Hurricane Blas doesn’t appear to be delivering anything to wave starved SoCal surfers. And there’s not much in store that I can see on the charts, grumble grumble.
I scanned the cams for some postcard views to make you feel even better about being in Sydney (framegrabs from surfline.com)…

ventura surfing
Mighty marginal at C-Street in Ventura (water temp 18)

steamer lane santa cruz surfing
Ooo, look! The Lane’s picking up a little something (water temp around 13!)
lower trestles surfers
Even with almost no swell, Lower Trestles is keeping the crew entertained (water temp 20)