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Posted by: on May 18th, 2017

Surf Forecast issued Thursday 18 May 2017: Seven day outlook for Sydney  :

Well as we know, we live in an active part of the world for weather …variety is the spice of life… and surf conditions may be prone to change in a somewhat inconsistent manner, so here’s the outlook as she’s currently looking:

Medium to large surf all week, with extra large long period sets to surprise punters from time to time.  Keep your eyes ooen and watch the surf for a whike before you rush in. Not looking suitable for beginners on many days, especially with the shallow banks currently at places like Palmie and the Queenscliff to Manly stretch ..even at high tide there are strong rips in places and shallow water is where a lot of accidents happen…and as for rock fishermen…you’ll be safer at home on many days. Check the BoM warnings also from day to day.

Friday: in the 1-2 metre range East South East with bigger oomphier sets at places that get dead South swell

Saturday: 1-2 metre North East windswell

Sunday: 1-2 metre range East South East but with bigger sets from time to time

Monday: coming up around 2 metres or more South East with bigger sets

Tuesday: easing a bit 1-2 metre range South East with bigger sets

Wednesday: down more to say 1, 1+ metres East South East, with bigger sets from time to time

Thursday: in the 1-2 metre range at dead South spots.

Take care


Water temp is very mild

Weather courtesy of BoM is here




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