Very small to flat at Dee Why this morning

Posted by: on July 17th, 2017

Hello Friends,
Another beautiful morning out there as Monday got going. Surface conditions were smooth but, as the pictures show, there wasn’t anyone in the water at the point or up the beach. The MHL buoy was showing less than a metre of 13 second SE swell. That 13 sec period does make me wonder if there might be the very occasional catchable set if you happened to be in the right spot…
Not that it matters much, but tide is low at 0805 and then it’ll run into a 1.5m high at 1435.
Weather should be partly cloudy with a high of 20 and light NW wind.
This morning’s maps from the Bureau look interesting from tomorrow afternoon/evening onward. Right now it looks as though the Tasman could start to get active but that the energy will be going away from us at first. Sometime late Wednesday to early Thursday the swell goes around to the south (2.5m @10-11s) while the wind stays offshore and skies are sunny…
So keep on smilin’ the good stuff is comin’!

No sign of a line at 0710

City warming in the sun

No takers at Dee Why as of 0710

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