Thursday late morning update

Posted by: on December 7th, 2017

Hello Friends,
Hope you were lucky enough to get in somewhere this morning. What a beautiful postcard of a day. Fun shoulder to head and bit sets were on tap from Long Reef to the point – and lots of other places too.
My first tentative surf after my surfer’s ear op a couple months ago. Longest I’ve been out of the water since 1983! Had a fun sesh at Longy with a smallish crowd – at least one of whom is a long time RealSurfer. So good to be back in the water. When I got out, I grabbed the camera and took a few snaps to share…

Dee Why point, 1115

Dee Why point

Dee Why point

Kiddies keeping them entertained

Dee Why fun times 1105

Not far from the Pole, 1045

Blowing the top of one near the lagoon, Dy to Longy

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