No waves where I am…

Posted by: on July 13th, 2018

Haven’t seen a beach in nearly a week. And the last one was the coast of Wales where the tide was so low we had to walk a kilometre just to get to the water’s edge. And there were no waves whatsoever. Since then been doing lots of moving and not much picture taking.
From here I can see you’ve got 1.4 m of 12-sec SSE in Sydney. So just on those numbers, there should be something to play with. And the good news is it looks like a little bump upward in the next 24 hours or so. Your wind was light from the NW but damn it looks chilly. Should get real windy but at least it’ll be SW. And it seems set to stay that way for you as the swell kicks up another notch or two. Your mate is jealous.
Here in the north west of Germany about 100 kms inland from the North Sea, it was in the mid-twenties under mostly blue skies. So, warmer than Sydney.
Here’s a postcard for ya. Taken on the streets of Utrecht where my daughter’s been doing a term abroad. A really great University town where bicycles dominate and the beer is good.

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