Guethary on the pump!

Posted by: on October 11th, 2019
The surf at Guethary is big again today.   Our run of swell continues.   When the swell is up  this break is not for the faint hearted.  It is a shifting peak that breaks in deep water over a large area.  Very easy to find yourself in the wrong spot and getting cleaned up.   Rest assured your correspondent has worn his share on the head over the past week.  Today it is 6-10 feet and there are not too many takers.   Those that are paddilng out are mostly on guns.   Need plenty of board speed to get into a wave like this.

Standard equipment for riding Guethary today….
On a cultural note, yesterday was raining and onshore so we paid a visit to the Guggenheim museum just over the border at Bilbao in Spain.  Incredible building both inside and out.  Well worth the visit.   So many great things to do in this part of the world…..

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