Cooler, cloudy and southerly bump

Hello Friends, 8-11 kts of SSE wind under overcast skies as we head to a partly cloudy day with a high of 24C. As the pictures show, last night’s south change has kicked up a little scrappy looking swell in the waist high range. It’s a biggish 3.4 metres from the S by SSW out […]

Another hot day with only tiny bumps

Hello Friends, 10-15 kts of 33C wind by 0800 on a cloudy Sunday morning along the beaches. Wind bump out at sea was 1.3 metres at 6-7 seconds from the NE, but wave faces on sets were rarely into that range and for the much of the time it was basically flat. Better exposures should […]

Hot one coming up

Hello Friends, The Bureau says we can expect to hit 36C later today, so lots of folks will be heading to the beach – where they won’t find much surf. There were little high-tide affected bumps coming into the south ends, but they were pretty feeble and rarely above knee to waist high. So not […]

The Goat’s Surf Forecast

The Goat’s Surf Forecast Surf forecast issued Friday 27 November 2020: Seven day outlook for Sydney You’re going to want to get wet this weekend cause it’ll be warm. Will there be waves, you ask. Yes small to medium. But it could be crowded. Outlook is for Noreast windwaves followed by waves from the South. […]

Grey skies and SSW wind early with small south bump

Hello Friends, Dull start to Friday, but thanks to an early SSW wind, it was relatively smooth at places showing the small E-SE swell. Said swell was 2 metres at 8 seconds from the east at 0740 and wind was 6-8 kts from the south. Tide hit a 1.5 m high at 0715 so Dee […]

Weak and dumpy knee to waist

Did the Manly run and while it’s a stunning morning, the waves are anything but. The lines look nice coming into spots like south Curly and Kiddies, but they’re rarely above waist high and you’re doing well to get more than one soft and gutless turn before they mush out altogether. Throw in a light […]

Weak knee to waist at south spots

Hello Friends, High overcast and a light SE breeze for Sydney’s beaches as Wednesday kicked off. The wind’s going to pick up by lunch time and be coming from the eastern quarters at around 10-15 kts. The bureau says that after an overcast start to the day, it should clear up this afternoon as we […]

Southerly and still micro

Hello Friends, The southerly rattled into town overnight and this morning sees 10-20 kts of straight south wind under more cloudy than not skies. Swell at sea is up to 2.5 metres, but it’s only 6-7 seconds apart and it’s dead south. Weather should stay partly cloudy and get to a mild 23C along the […]


Hello Friends, Monday started out overcast with a light NW breeze. We’re going to a high of 29C and there will likely be a shower or two this afternoon. As of 0800 the wind swell out at sea was a paltry 0.8 of a metre at 7 seconds from the SE. Beachwatch says water temp […]

Sunny but waveless Sunday morning

Hello Friends, A light faintly cool offshore under sunny skies as Sunday got started along the beaches. Alas, there was only the barest trickle of a line coming into the Dee Why. Out at sea the buoys were seeing less than a metre of 6-second SSE wind bump. You could go for a swim or […]