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PICS by Don: Dee Why and Newport on Sunday

Posted on May 16th, 2011 in Dee Why, Don's surfin' pics, Newport, Top stories.

Another sunny day, so in between picking up rubbish at south Curly and running the daughter to soccer, I also jammed in a couple shooting sessions. The first was during the late morning at Dee Why and the second was much later in the day at Newport’s Pool. As always, clicking on the two pics immediately below will take you to the relevant galleries.

(above) Click on the image to see more pics from Sunday morning 15/5 at Dee Why.

(above) Click on the image above to go to the gallery of pictures from the Pool at Newport taken Sunday afternoon, 15/5



Running around

Posted on March 25th, 2011 in At large, Curl Curl, Long Reef, Newport, North Narrabeen.

Thought I’d head up the peninsula to see if the swell was doing anything interesting. Drove as far as Avalon where I discovered a small group at the south end waiting and waiting for the very occasional shoulder high set wave. Watched for quite awhile before deciding it was just too inconsistent to set up the camera. Checked in at the peak in Newport to see what the dozen or so bods were doing on it. It was more consistent than Av, but the larger number of people meant the wait for waves was probably about the same on average. Size was a touch smaller too. Took the following picture:

Next stop was Mona Vale. Again, smallish (compared to the last few days) and rather busy considering. I think the swell was just too south for the place to really start working properly, so after watching for a bit, I headed off south to see what Northy was looking like. It was a case of hmmm… yeah… busy, inconsistent with the odd shoulder high one, but like Mona, not really the best swell direction for the place. Still, it did produce at least something for the camera…

Stopped for a squizz at Longy. Waves were a touch smaller on average I thought, but there were lots of fine folk chasing ’em from the Lugga to the Dee Why end. Shutdowns were well in front of makeable sections, but I walked down to the water’s edge and took a snap for your amusement.

Last stop on my little journey was Curl Curl. It certainly looked a picture, particularly toward the south end. I watched for some time before finally deciding that since this is the last of the sunny weather and offshore waves for awhile, that I might as well do some shooting. I spent nearly an hour grabbing snaps (including some of a nice chap who introduced himself as a long time RealSurf fan). They’ve just finished processing, but I can’t upload them yet because the hundreds of shots I got yesterday morning at Manly and in the evening at Dee Why are still making their way to the server. Should be up by this evening I hope! Here’s a sample…

PICS: Newport & Avalon Thr 10/6/10

Posted on June 11th, 2010 in Avalon, Newport, Top stories.

Although the day started out flat, a fresh south pulse filled in rapidly from late morning and by the time I headed out for a closer look, it was overhead at many south spots. Decided to head up to Avalon and Newport for a look.

Only a few bods in at the south end of Av and it wasn’t really too spectacular looking. Waited around and got a few set waves being ridden. Then went down to Newport where The Peak was looking pretty reasonable. Not many lefts, but some fun looking and often solid rights were coming through. Again, not many people in the water, but I shot for awhile anyway because Derek Hynde was out and doing interesting things on a finless board…

Newport and Avalon 10 June 2010 – Images by Don Norris

Gone snorklin’

Posted on December 21st, 2009 in At large, Newport.

Decided to go for a snorkle around the reef at crosswaves. Here are a few snaps from the expedition…

Checking out the swell at the top of Newport reef.


Intact fluoro tube cast up on Newport reef.


Reef at crosswaves


Ray, Newport Reef


The boys picking their way around Newport reef


Blind shark at Newport reef


The Pool – Fri 31 July 09 – 1020-noon

Posted on August 4th, 2009 in Click! Pics for folk, Don's surfin' pics, Newport, surf photography, Top stories, watershots.

Went for a surf Friday mid-morning at the Path in Newport. Had the Panasonic Lumix DMC- FT1 water camera tucked in the wetty and grabbed a few shots…

If you want a high resolution image (they’re much bigger), then drop me a line via the RealSurf feedback form.

You can view each page of pics full size simply by clicking on any of the thumbnails.

IMPORTANT: Please give me the picture number of the one(s) you want in high res. You can find out the pic number by putting your cursor over the correct thumbnail picture(s). Also, since I have to find time in my day to search out and forward the correct pic or pics to you, I will be much more cheerful if you’ve also made a contribution to my new camera fund via the buy me a drink link (right)! :-) Make sure you mention if you’ve done so (makes me so much quicker!)

Friday wrap: the Path, Curly, Dee Why

Posted on July 31st, 2009 in At large, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Newport.

Hello Friends,

Went for a splash at the Path this morning. Great fun it was too. Sets were in the overhead range and some of the rides were pretty long. Ran into a couple RealSurfers out in the water as well. How cool is that? I got a few water snaps too. Not in the same league as the mighty DYSH though! What a pic he got at DY today.

After surfin’ I did some mag work and then shot out again to see if I could get a few more pics. Went back to Curly and Dee Why because time was tight. Accumulated a pile of snaps of Curly, and a few of Dee Why. Curly was getting some sizeable sets and, while many of them shut down, there were some folks nailing long, driving walls too. You’d have to enjoy duck diving though.

Around at Dee Why, as has been the case for this swell, it wasn’t as big. The beachy was really shutting down when I was there at around 1600, but a crew were having fun on the sets at the point. Not breaking hard or anything, but the sets were big enough to give ya room for self-expression.

From the MHL data, it looks as though the swell peaked during daylight hours for Sydney. If we follow the pattern that showed up down the coast at Eden, then it looks as though we can expect the average period to drop from around the 11 second mark to something closer to 8 seconds. The average height of the swell at sea should, with any luck, stick around the 2 metre mark through to tomorrow morning. And, again if we’re lucky, there should still be the odd longer period set in the mix for Saturday morning.

But the trend lines are definitely downward and at a fairly rapid clip. So, I’m not too hopeful about the situation for tomorrow afternoon, let alone the rest of the weekend. Mind you, the Goat reckons it looks okay through the day for Saturday, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

Have yourself a great Friday evening!

Putting the 9'1" through its paces this morning not far from the bustling Newport CBD.

Putting the 9'1\

Light offshores and some south swell = fun.

Light offshores and some south swell = fun.

Winding up to whack that lip I'd say.

Winding up to whack that lip I'd say.

Quality sections freely available to the general public this afternoon.

Quality sections freely available to the general public this afternoon.

Ace RS reporter lines one up at the Path.

Ace RS reporter lines one up at the Path.

Mals were a good option at the path this morning (but my fishy went okay too)

Mals were a good option at the path this morning (but my fishy went okay too)

Huey's excellent work meets with approval at the Path this morning.

Huey's excellent work meets with approval at the Path this morning.

Plenty of push at the Path on sets this morning.

Plenty of push at the Path on sets this morning.

Swell’s here!!!

Posted on July 22nd, 2008 in Avalon, Bungan, Newport, North Narrabeen, Warriewood.

Swell’s here big-time. Offshore winds & headhigh sets. Now, if I can work out how to post photos, you can see what it’s like