Pics from midday Monday south of Gardens

Decided it was too small to go for a surf at Dee Why after seeing it this morning. Unbeknownst to me, the weak swell was focusing at various points along the Narrabeen to South Narrabeen stretch – a fact I discovered when I went for a bike ride around lunchtime (with a wetty and my […]

Swimming near Gardens

Brilliant morning along the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch. I wasn’t up for getting smashed in low tide shories, so I went for a swim with my camera instead. Water is beautiful too.

Rain and NE wind at first light but swell not here yet

south narrabeen beach

Hello Friends, At first light the  wind was NNE at 10-15 kts, swell was out of the east at 1.5 metres but with only a choppy 6 second period. The weather radar was showing rain from Coffs to Merimbula. I went for my usual Saturday morning check out, but ended up only bothering with the […]

Sunday afternoon still some little waves at The Gardens

If you didn’t mind the brisk temps and cloudy, spitty skies, there were waves to be had all day. I had to make a run to Manly mid-afternoon and it was ranging from knee high at South Steyne to chest high at North Steyne with offshores. Tide was high at 1500 and Beachwatch has pollution […]

Tiny waves made big with a GoPro

Had half an hour to kill this morning, so I went for a swim with my GpPro in the beautiful little shories at south Narrabeen. You couldn’t have surfed them, but they made for some nice stills to share.

Southy tow in…

::::: Subscribe to Surf Photos of You and be in the draw to win a Seacured Surf lock and more:::::: here were some double over heads this morning and you needed a ski to get them.  Although there were a few paddle ins down at Southy.  Yew.  See more at SPoY.

Clean early but now..

There were a few early waves down at South Narrabeen.  So if you were down there between 7.30 – 8.30 check Surf Photos of You.

Going for it.

Southy was a little straight early and everybody was into just going for it.  There were a few nice little barrely close outs.  2 – 4 foot with a bigger set now and then.  See more at Surf Photos of You.

Mostly marginal but not flat

      Hello Friends, Just a tiny trickle of knee to waist high bumps for the early risers this morning. Tide was low at 0625 and will hit high around 1300, so the plan is to get in asap I’d say. Outlook across the next week is for more of this kind of thing […]

PICS by Don: Big Weds @ Sth Narrabeen

Wednesday the 1st of August 2012 saw some very solid south swell hitting Sydney. It was too big for most places to really handle, but if you had a mate with a jet ski and a casual attitude toward getting smashed, South Narrabeen was delivering the occasional 2-3x overhead bomb. Herewith a selection from the […]