Faded to almost, but not quite, flat

Hello Friends, Very quiet this morning. Smooth seas and a faint line showing at the point and up the beach at Dee Why. Tide hits a 1.8m high at 0810, so what little we have is also struggling against too much water. There were one or two bods in the water along the beach at […]

Warm day ahead, small waves to start

Hello Friends, Again, very fat on the high tide for the modest morning crew at Dee Why beach and the point. The MHL buoy showed 1.5 metres of east swell at 12 seconds apart. It was a long wait between catchable ones at Dee Why when I first checked this morning. Set wave faces were […]

Not booming, but definitely up

Hello Friends, As the sun peeped over the horizon this morning it was clear that the swell had picked up overnight. Size at Dee Why point was into the waist to chest high range, while up the beach toward No Man’s, it seemed to be a touch bigger. The MHL buoy was recording close to […]

Waves but wind coming up early

Hello Friends, Wind out of the north for the early risers this morning. Swell was coming from the NE at around 10 seconds apart with an average height at sea of about 2 metres. Surface conditions were rapidly moving from textured to bumpy within an hour of sunrise. Bureau says 10-15 kts NE, so if […]

Pumping at Dee Why

Hello Friends, I’m calling it 9/10 at Dee Why this morning. After jumping dramatically yesterday, this morning sees 3-4+ metres of close to 14 second period south swell marching relentlessly in to the point for a Sunday size pre-work crowd. (I reckon the sicky count will shoot up today!). Set wave faces were double overhead […]