Warm day ahead, small waves to start

Hello Friends, Again, very fat on the high tide for the modest morning crew at Dee Why beach and the point. The MHL buoy showed 1.5 metres of east swell at 12 seconds apart. It was a long wait between catchable ones at Dee Why when I first checked this morning. Set wave faces were […]

On the fade…

Hello Friends, Grey skies and only light breezes around this morning. The long slow decline of the SE swell continues. There were fewer people in the water at Dee Why as a result. The point was empty and the only keen punters were on that peak north of the club. After a long wait, I […]

Cold, grey, a bit lumpy but surfable

Hello Friends, Last night the Bureau said it’d be southerly this morning. Well, as of 0800 it was still offshore at around 10 kts. And, also contrary to the forecasts, the swell was a respectable 2.5 metres from the SSE. The average period was still around the 8-9s mark this morning, so we were seeing […]

Easter Friday and we have waves

Hello Friends, Wandered down to the beach a little after 0900 to see if I could find anything worth taking pictures of. First stop was Curly where in the course of around 40 mins, it went from good size buy marginally onshore to good size but thoroughly hacked up. It was tough going getting waves […]

Smaller but not flat

Hello Friends, It’s dropped a bit more than I’d expected this morning, but it’s not flat. Swell has moved around more to the SE, but it’s also about half a metre smaller on average than yesterday. Sets are into the chest high range at Dee Why beach and around the waist high mark (and less […]

Afternoon wrap: North Coast style

Hello Friends, Another postcard from the far north coast coming up. But first, a word about the prospects in Syd-a-knee. As Rob’s pics show, the swell has started to kick up. Latest data from the MHL buoy shows the primary direction to be SE and the average size to be a couple metres at about […]

Sunday evening

Wrapping up the weekend and what do we have? Well, today the swell started out at 2 metres from the SSE at 9sec, but by lunch time it was back around to the east at 10 seconds and still around the two metre mark. It was offshore and relatively clean at most places to begin […]