Pics: Broken Head 30 April 2010

Got lucky one morning on surfari up the north coast. Woke up to find Broken Head looking rather tasty thanks to a very brief but intense spike in the swell. Got out with the camera and shot a few frames. If you happen to see yourself in amongst this lot you are a) very lucky […]

On surfari: Tiny on the north coast

Hello Friends, Not much happening along the Broken Head to Suffolk Park beach. Only three or four people in the water chasing very infrequent but pretty looking little waist high peaks. Seems to be much like last night in terms of power – ie not much. We’re going to head off south to Ballina in […]

Sometimes you win, sometimes…

Hello Friends, Ensconced in the lovely Broken Head caravan park (where they have wi-fi, woohoo), we are now hoping against all reason that there will be waves some place in the Ballina-Byron region tomorrow. The day started with a beautiful morning in Crescent Head after kipping out in friend Tim’s parents’ holiday batch backyard. Full […]

Shark attack at Broken Head

Shark attack off Broken Head By Saffron Howden | 30th July 2009 A 14-year-old surfer was thrown into the air and left with a graze and a punctured wetsuit after a shark made a bee-line for his board this morning near Byron Bay. The Northern Star understands the local boy, who was surfing off Broken […]

Evening wrap

Hello late evening folk, A few more pics from the day on the north coast…

Afternoon wrap: North Coast style

Hello Friends, Another postcard from the far north coast coming up. But first, a word about the prospects in Syd-a-knee. As Rob’s pics show, the swell has started to kick up. Latest data from the MHL buoy shows the primary direction to be SE and the average size to be a couple metres at about […]