PICS from Sunday morning at Dee Why from the point to No Man’s

Went shooting on Sunday morning at Dee Why beach. It was just too busy for me to contemplate. Conditions were pretty good, but the shutdown factor was a problem and despite the reasonable 2 metre, 12-sec SE swell, a lot of the waves seemed kinda fat. But not all of them. I saw three broken […]

A midday gallery

When the skies unexpectedly cleared, I decided to jump in the beautiful warm water for a quick sesh at the Pole. Nothing to write home about really, but the water is beautiful and it didn’t seem to be much affected by run-off. Waves were in the waist to chest range and seemed to have an […]

Pumping southeast swell

Hello Friends, Close to 3 metres of 11 second SE swell rolling in with light offshores and sunny skies as Saturday got started. Wind is set to be light until this evening when it will get up to 10-15kts from the SE. Next tide is a big high at 1120, followed by a low at […]

Out and about

Out and about this morning and checked everywhere from Manly to North Narra. Bower was flat, Manly was scrappy but sort of do-able considering, Freshy was a case of NUP!, Curly – do you have to even ask?, Dee Why point swell not connecting, up the beach too much work for too little pay off, […]

Starting up

Hello Friends, South swell was 3 metres at around 10 seconds apart as Saturday morning got started. Skies were gloomy skies and the wind was a stiff SSW of 20-30 kts. Sydney region tides: L @0640, H @1253 Yesterday I finished cutting together a highlights reel from my 1977 surf footage for next Thursday night’s […]

Minor Monday

Hello Friends, Only a trickle – but there is a trickle – of knee to waist plus SSE swell this morning on the Northern Beaches. Had the opportunity to see Curly as well as Dee Why and I think it’s safe to say that both stretches of the beach were very similar. There were lots […]

PICS: Dee Why beach Sat 12 June (1100-1200)

After shooting at south Narrabeen, I went around to see if there was much doing at Dee Why. I got there a little after 11 and shot until about noon when the sea breeze really began to take a toll on the conditions. If you were in the water in front of the SLSC, have […]