Sunny start and waves too

Hello Friends, Nice little lines coming in this morning. Doesn’t look much above the chest high mark at the point, but it did seem to be a touch bigger along the beach. Wind was a light 5 kts from the SW as of 0800. Out at sea the swell was up from this time yesterday […]

Beginner day

Hello Friends, Beautiful autumn morning along the beaches but barely a skerrik of a wave to be had. Bomb sets are struggling to make the knee mark at Dee Why – which is what you’d expect when swell at sea is 0.7 metres at 13 seconds from the SSE. As of 0900 the wind was […]

It’s tiny but cute

Hello Friends, Beautiful Good Friday morning along the beaches. Sunny skies and light winds ensured a smooth sea for those keen enough to get in and chase the soft little knee high lines. Out at sea the swell was around the metre mark at about 8 seconds from the ESE. Beachwatch is calling the conditions […]

Offshore early but faded from yesterday

Hello Friends, Swell’s cogged down overnight, shaving off about 0.5 m over yesterday at this time. As of 0730 it was dead south, 1.5 m and 8 seconds apart. Wind was coming lightly from the west and tide was coming off the 0600 low. It’ll be back to the 1.58 m high at noon. Should […]

Fading swell Saturday

Hello Friends,  A swampy 1.8 m high tide at 0800 plus a mainly SSE swell that’s dropped from 2.1 m yesterday afternoon to 1.3 m with a 9 second period at daybreak, means minimal surf options this morning. At least the wind looks like staying light and from the north quarters until this afternoon when […]

Smoky Sunday surf

south curl curl beach surfer

Hello Friends, Checked beaches from Manly to Dee Why this smokey morning and as of 0730-0800 the 10-sec 1.6 metre SSE swell was producing consistent chest to head plus wave faces at optimally aligned stretches. Biggest was Curly, but Longy was in the same league (see pics). Manly and Dee Why beach and the point […]