You can guess

  Hello Friends, The east coast of Australia continues to slumber as a weak 0.5 metre east windswell laps ashore from Eden to Byron Bay. No surfing today, that’s for sure. The swell forecast models continue to show flat to just barely breaking for today and tomorrow with a slight chance of something in the […]

Technically speaking it’s not perfectly flat

Hello Friends, Nothing to surf on this morning at Dee Why and from the look of the BoM data there isn’t likely to be anything in the way of a major change today (although it has to be said some of the models are calling for some sizable stuff before dark). Tomorrow promises to be […]

Only a whisper

Hello Friends, Not much going on at Dee Why this morning. But a few bods were bobbing about in the knee high dribblers, enjoying the light offshores and sunny skies. The MHL buoy shows about half a metre from the east. Period’s bumped up ever so slightly to about 8 seconds. Low tide was around […]

Hello Friends, Very quiet looking in the old Sydney today. Hardly any swell energy about and what there is seems to be coming from the east according to the latest MHL data. It’s about 0.5 metre and the period is a weak 8 seconds. Since I’m not in a position to grab a snap for […]